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A Message Regarding Activities During COVID-19 Pandemic

Given our National and Global situation with the coronavirus and the illness, COVID-‎‎19 it creates NYPUM has taken steps to do its part in helping to mitigate the spread of this ‎virus and prepare our programs for uncertainty during this time. In March, we sent out a message to all programs letting them know that all locally, and nationally NYPUM hosted ‎activities are postponed until further notice.

With the many different state requirements and restrictions pertaining to group ‎gatherings, we feel it is in everyone’s best interest to postpone any currently scheduled NYPUM activities, ‎training, and events.

We have asked all programs to provide us with health and welfare updates. The prevailing response is that they are following State, ‎Local and Agency guidelines until advised to do otherwise.

Most photos being posted to our page of NYPUM activities were taken before February, or even earlier.

We are ‎committed to advising and help determine best next steps for NYPUM programs. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused but prefer to take the side of caution and responsibility in these extraordinary times.‎

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