Our Story


NYPUM, since inception in 1969 has never strayed from its foundational philosophy of providing youth on the margin access to opportunities to succeed in their life. Included in that belief is, [by] “using the trail bike as a motivational tool”.


Yonkers, NY – Sam

"The youth who participate in NYPUM at Andrus Children’s Center rank NYPUM as the most important activity offered to them.  They rank it so highly because it is an extremely fun activity that also teaches them important lessons about self control.

NYPUM keeps the youth at my agency highly motivated to do well so that they can participate. Thus, it lessens the amount of problematic behavior that the agency deals with. As far as the community is concerned, NYPUM offers creative ways for our residents to engage with people in their communities that they would not normally interact with."

We take mentoring for a ride.

The world of youth programming is boundless and substantial in its offerings; which also makes the case for its value and impact ambiguous at times.  Many types of programming are too specific to effectively address the needs of kids, and others are to general; thus, the potential explanation for why there are so many types of programming in support of positive youth development.


NYPUM leverages that same uncertainty to its benefit by being “adaptive programming”. It would be difficult to find, and then compare other youth programming to what NYPUM’s impact remains to the “whole youth” for the last 50 years. In our own comparisons with different types of programming that seeks to reach the same outcome; such as hiking or archery, NYPUM has consistently proven to affect the youth’s social, emotional and psychological development positively and all in one place.


The idea that NYPUM is adaptive programming means that it is something that can be adjusted for impacting different outcome expectations. While the core idea is to put kids together with a caring adult, a trail bike, and learn how to care for and safely ride in the outdoors; the purpose is to allow them to build self-esteem and self-discipline. They also discover that they can work together with others and often display leadership. The process of NYPUM programming creates that all at once.

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