How Youth Have Grown Through NYPUM


YOU are the difference between youth success or an uncertain future. There are many ways you can ensure their positive growth, but why don't we just let the voices of those who have experienced it tell you:

Asheville, NC – Kristy


NYPUM is a huge motivator for most of our kids. I teach classes in all 5 of our [cottages], as well as afterschool.

[Many] of our kids are in NYPUM. The kids love learning to ride and look forward to finishing all the lessons so they can ride around our corn field on our mountain and attend various field trips I plan as motivators and privileges for those who have finished. I also do a trip to a motorsport park in Tennessee. This also serves as a big motivator. Kids also have the [chance] to work afterschool on some days and earn a little money cleaning the barn, bikes, helping me with other classes demonstrating lessons.

I had a youth who was with me in NYPUM for almost 4 years. He now attends Asheville High School, but I go and get him once a week to come back and ride, work and help with the smaller kids. I keep up with his grades at school and get regular updates from his teacher and his Mom. Our program featured him in November as our Success Story and NYPUM was the biggest motivator to help him achieve success and continue to do so.

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Get Involved?

There's many different ways you can get involved with NYPUM. You can become a mentor to youth by volunteering to help with activities or go on a trail ride with the group. Don't know how to ride but would like to? Your local program can do that when you commit to building a bond with youth. Just look for a program using the map on this site and connect!

There's no program in your area but still want to make an impact? NYPUM can link you with a program that connects with your youth support interests. They have needs for things like:Sponsoring a youth for a year Sponsor the upkeep of a minibike Donating your motorcycle maintenance skills/time Donate riding gear (gloves, helmets, boots, etc.) Business’s donate an activity (bowling, movies, etc) Sponsor a youth's participation in a NYPUM Rodeo or other event.

Make a Contribution?

Presently operating 34 programs in urban, suburban and rural communities from Los Angeles to Boston, NYPUM programs are run by non-profit or government youth service agencies. NYPUM's commitment to America's youth has never been stronger as the obstacles facing children today have never been greater. We pledge to continue our work with youth by using the minibike as a means of getting them involved in a healthy peer group with positive adult role models.

The National Youth Project Using Minibikes is able to share The Power of Dreams® thanks to the support of generous individual and corporate donors.

Create or Connect with a Program?

NYPUM programs can be hosted and operated by youth serving non-profit or municipal organizations like community-based agencies, residential treatment centers, school districts, police and probation departments.There is tremendous flexibility in terms of how organizations design their NYPUM programs. No two NYPUM programs are exactly alike other than sharing the commitment to following NYPUM's methodology of using Success Plans and Mentoring. NYPUM can be successful wherever there is a community need.

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