New England Psychologist Journal Article


We're excited to tell you that the e-Journal, New England Psychologist, recently showcased NYPUM and its work to bring change in the lives of youth through a very unique way. Of course, we know what way that is but even better when professionals and experts in the field of Psychology recognize it as well.

CLICK HERE and see what they had to say about our work, and the great successes our programs celebrate almost everyday with youth across the country who participate in NYPUM...

Getting Better Together is at the Heart of What We Do.


The following video shows what happens when youth and caring adults get together for a common goal. It's also what happens when you choose to get involved or get your community to become part of the NYPUM Family. If you like it, tell us how much and if you're interested in wanting to know more about the good things NYPUM does for youth, send us an email!

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